Strategy adopted 24 November 2020

Local Housing Strategy

Thanks for having your say on our new Draft Local Housing Strategy.

Local Housing Strategy

Planning housing for a growing city

City of Newcastle (CN) prepared a Local Housing Strategy 2020 (LHS), setting a framework for the provision of housing across the City of Newcastle over the next 20 years. The LHS was accompanied by an Implementation Plan, which aims to translate the findings of the LHS into actions.

The LHS includes the following Housing Vision:
All residents of City of Newcastle will have access to housing that meets their needs, in a community where they have access to employment, facilities and services. As we plan for our growing community, what we love about our City will be maintained and improved for future generations.

Thanks for having your say

To help us achieve a great outcome for housing in Newcastle we placed the Strategy on public exhibition between Monday 24 August and Monday 21 September 2020.
The updated Strategy was adopted by Council on Tuesday 24 November 2020, and will now do to the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment for endorsement.

Play the Housing Game

Housing Game

Challenge your understanding of our changing city by playing The House we Build, a pilot project with the University of Newcastle. 

As the number of people needing houses goes up, low density dwellings will need to be replaced with dwellings that can house more people. It is difficult to house more people in existing neighbourhoods while maintaining amenity or happiness.  To maintain happiness community and recreational facilities need to be provided. In the Housing Game, residents’ happiness is reflected in the colour on each tile, the happiness legend is shown in the bottom left-hand side of the screen. 

The goal of the game is to house the people moving into the area while achieving the highest global happiness score.

How to play the game
The game board is a series of tiles showing different types of buildings. To change what is on a tile click “remove” and then click all the buildings you’d like to take out. Then click “cancel”. Once these have been removed there will be space for new residential buildings or facilities to go in. Click on the building type you would like to add, then click on all the tiles where you would like this to go. Right click when you are finished placing this type of building. You can then select another building to add to the board.  

As time progresses and more people move to the city, the residential density will have to keep increasing and facilities be provided for these new residents, otherwise your global happiness score will drop and you’ll start to see a lot of red (upset) residents on the board! 

Play the Housing Game

Note this game will need to be played on a desktop computer. Get ready, with ten minutes on the clock see if you can house the growing population while keeping the “global happiness score” up.  



Protecting your privacy

The City of Newcastle is committed to protecting your privacy.  We take reasonable steps to comply with relevant legislation and Council policy.
Purpose of collecting personal details: Council is collecting this information to determine the local community’s views and opinions on the proposal outlined.
Intended recipients:  Information provided as part of the consultation will be used as part of the investigation into the proposal, and may be included in future reports on the issue.
Storage and security:  Information provided will be stored on Council's database and will be subject to Council’s information and privacy policies.
Access: Individuals can access data to check accuracy by contacting Council.

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Project timeline

21 September 2020
Public exhibition closes

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