Tree, Shrub and Vegetation Removal


The following information provides an overview for tree, shrub and native vegetation removal in the Newcastle local government area, and a link to the application form/s.

In all circumstances, the Newcastle Urban Forest Technical Manual is to be consulted before engaging consultants or lodging application forms.

Tree and shrub removal on your property

The Newcastle Urban Forest Technical Manual (herein referred to as the Manual) is separated into three parts based on the land on which the tree, shrub or other vegetation is located, and the type of vegetation present. The two parts relevant to tree or vegetation removal on private land are:

  • Part A - Private Trees: provides guidance on the management of trees and shrubs located on private land.
  • Part C - Native Vegetation Communities: provides guidance on the management of native vegetation communities or assemblages on private land.

In accordance with the updated Development Control Plan (DCP 2023), commencing 1st March 2024, there have been changes to the tree permit application process for tree removal. The exemption criteria for tree removal has been broadened, however, all tree removals that do not meet the exemption criteria will require an arborist report written by a minimum AQF Level 5 arborist to be submitted to council. This report must meet one of the tree removal tests outlined in Part A Section 3.4.4 of the Urban Forest Technical Manual. Exemption criteria can be found within Section C3 Vegetation Preservation and Care in the City of Newcastle DCP 2023.

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