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Boost Arts and Culture - Live Music Grant Program - April Round

City of Newcastle (CN) is proud to announce that it will be offering a small grant round to incentivise Live Music in venues around the City during the month of April, in order to compliment a number of other exciting events on in the city during this time.

CN will provide incentives of $500 per gig to host live music between 6 April to 20 April 2021. Venues can apply for up to three separate incentives.

This grant directly delivers on the objectives of the Live Music Strategy.

To determine eligibility for this incentive and apply, read the Boost Arts and Cultural Grants Guidelines (PDF).

Applications are now closed

Successful applicants will be notified shortly.

To search for other funding opportunities that are currently open, try CN Grant Finder.

If you require any further information on this round of the Boost Arts and Culture Grants, please contact us at 02 4974 2000.