DA Forms and Checklists

Did you know from 1 January 2021, all development applications and the majority of post consent certificates must be submitted through the NSW Planning Portal? Find out more about E-Planning with City of Newcastle (CN).

This page provides links to:

  • Guide you to understand terminology used in the development process
  • Locate the forms and checklists you require and other web pages or sites that may provide you with relevant information.

Application Forms

Approval of Section 68 Activity

Building Information Certificate Application

Copy of Plans Application

Cost Summary Reports

Flood Information Application

Heritage Application

Hoarding Application

Installation of a Human Waste Facility

Mandatory Data Collection Information Sheet

Operate an On-site Sewage Management System

Outdoor Dining Application

Outstanding Notices and Orders Certificate Application

Planning Certificate Application

Political Donations and Gifts Disclosure Form and Explanatory Statement

Pre-Development Applications

Request for a Refund

Request to Amend the Newcastle LEP

Section 138 - Driveway and/or a Road Opening Permit (Type 1)

Section 138 - New Infrastructure (Type 2)

Section 603 Certificate Application

Section 22 Swimming Pool Exemption

Road Closures, Work Zones, Shipping Containers

Street Stall Application

Swimming Pool Compliance Application

Tree Removal

Urban Design Consultative Group Application

Vary a Development Standard


Broad Scale Development Self-Assessment Checklist

Change of Use and Ancillary Development Checklist

Commercial, Industrial and/ or Mixed-Use Checklist

Complying Development Certificate Checklist

Complying Development Certificate - SEPP Three Ports Checklist

Dual Occupancy and Secondary Dwelling Developments Checklist

Single Dwelling and-or Ancillary Structures Checklist

Urban Housing Developments Checklist

Guides and Resources

A Guide to Estimating Cost of Works

Email Lodgement Information Sheet

Owner Details and Consent Form

Plan Standards

Post Approval Information

Prepare a Statement of Environmental Effects

Prepare a Waste Minimisation and Management Plan

What you need to know about the Development Application Process

Useful Links

All City of Newcastle Forms

Development Application Committee

Development Application DA Fee Quote Estimate

Development Application Tracking

Development Control Plan

Department of Planning Website


Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 No 203

Exempt Development Applications

Local Environment Plan

Planning Portal

State Environmental Planning Policies (SEPP)