Lodging an Application

Visit the Pre-Development Application Services information page to access tools and services available to assist you with preparing a development application (DA).

Is your development eligible for an Accelerated Assessment? Accelerated Development Applications (ADA) are generally determined within 5-15 days from lodgement. Visit the Accelerated Development Applications information page to find out more. 

All development applications and the majority of post consent certificates must be lodged via the NSW Planning Portal. This includes:

  • Development Applications (DA), including ADAs
  • DA modifications,
  • Requests for reviews of determinations of a DA,
  • Complying Development Certificates,
  • Construction Certificates,
  • Occupation Certificates,
  • Subdivisions Certificates,
  • Building Information Certificates,
  • Appointing City of Newcastle (CN) as the Principal Certifier, and
  • All post consent certificate registrations for Private Certifiers.
How do I lodge my application via the NSW Planning Portal?
How do I enter the site details for an application?
I'm having technical issues with the NSW Planning Portal

All other applications must be submitted directly to City of Newcastle (CN). This includes:

  • Hoarding Applications
  • Pre-DAs
  • Swimming Pool Compliance Certificates
  • Flood Certificates
  • Applications for Historical Development Documentation
  • Roads Act Applications

How do I lodge my application to City of Newcastle?

For applications that must be submitted directly to City of Newcastle, the below lodgement methods are available. 

Once your application is submitted, it will be reviewed to determine if it contains the essential information. If the application is considered acceptable for lodgement purposes, you will be contacted to arrange payment. Once the payment is taken the application is considered formally “lodged”.

In Person

Frequently asked questions

Once CN has reviewed your application and is satisfied that all relevant documentation has been submitted, an email will be sent with a Bpoint link for payment.

Please ensure payment is made within 48 hours, as the Bpoint link expires after this time. If payment is not paid within this time, the application may be rejected.

For further information on the applicable application fees, refer to CN's Fees and Charges

If lodging an application through the NSW Planning Portal, an accompanying application form is not required. 

If lodging an application directly with CN, an application form is required. It is recommended the form be completed electronically or scanned once all required signatures are provided and included with the application. CN's application forms can be accessed on our DA Forms and Checklists page.

Any USB or CD rom should be submitted with a covering letter detailing what is contained on the USB or CD rom, including the address of the application and the type of application. 

The files should be prepared in accordance with the document tiled Plan Standards. Each document title needs to include a brief description of the document, the address of the subject property and the date the document was prepared.

In the NSW Planning Portal, each application must be lodged separately.

However, creating subsequent applications can be easily done by selecting the “Request related application” function in the top right menu. This function will be available after the Development Application is submitted to CN.

If you lodge a Construction Certificate (CC) application and Principal Certifier (PC) application with CN via the NSW Planning Portal before your DA is determined, you will be eligible for a 20% discount on the CC / PC application fees.

CN’s Application Tracker provides details of all Development Applications (DA’s) and Complying Development Certificates (CDC’s) and includes documents submitted with the application, any submissions received, and a copy of any determination issued. 

The NSW Application Tracker can also be used by the public and shows the type and status of the application submitted, the Planning Portal application number and the type of development. All documentation submitted to the Portal is not publicly available via the Planning Portal website or the NSW Application Tracker.