Lost Pets in Ranger Care

The animals below have been found by our rangers. They are currently in their impound period in our care and looking for their owner.

If your lost pet is listed below, please note the impound number and click 'Claim your pet'.

Name: Marlie

Impound Number: 64

Found: 17 November 2023

Location: Birmingham Gardens

Breed: American Staffy x

Sex: Female

Microchipped: Yes but out of date


Name: Kyza

Impound Number: 63

Found: 17 November 2023

Location: Hamilton South

Breed: Rhodesian Ridgeback x

Sex: Male

Microchipped: Yes


Name: Unknown

Impound Number: 62

Found: 16 November 2023

Location: Jesmond

Breed: Jack Russell

Sex: Male

Microchipped: Yes but out of date


Can't see your lost pet listed? Please report your lost pet to notifty our rangers:

Please make sure that your details are up to date on the NSW Pet Registry.

Looking to rescue?

These animals are looking for a new home.

To be put in touch with the responsible rescue agency, note the impound number and click 'Rescue this animal'.

Name: Betty

Impound Number: 51

Breed: Bull Arab

Sex: Female

Age: Approximately 5 years old


Name: Teddy

Impound Number: 59

Breed: English Staffordshire Terrier

Sex: Male

Age: 4 months old


Name: Bluey

Impound Number: 65

Breed: Australian Cattle Dog

Sex: Male

Age: 5 months old