Assisted Household Waste Collection Service

If you're unable to place your bins out for collection—due to age, a medical condition or disability—we can help.

Our Assisted Household Waste Collection Service includes the collection of bins from, and their return to, an agreed location within a resident’s property.

To apply for this service, you must:

  1. Request an application form, by contacting us on 4974 2000 or
  2. Ask your general practitioner, or other relevant medical professional, for a current medical certificate/letter indicating that you're unable to place your bins at the kerbside for collection. (Please note: you must cover any costs associated with this).
  3. Return your completed form and the required medical proof to us.

Once you submit an application, we'll arrange an on-site inspection of your property to identify where your bins will be accessed and returned. The nominated collection point must be visible from the front of your property: our collection drivers can't enter backyards, outdoor areas or the rear of dwellings to collect bins.

A service will only start once we've approved your application, and will run for two years. We'll send a reminder before the two-year expiry period asking you to re-apply if you'd like the service to continue.