Coastal Erosion at our Southern Beaches

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Our coastline is changing. Significant weather events, combined with long-term sea level rise, means that waves are reaching higher on the shoreline than in the past, exposing both bedrock and man-made structures more frequently.

The loss of sand that occurs in these scenarios significantly impacts both the appearance of the beach and our ability to enjoy beach activities.

We are in the process of developing the Southern Beaches Coastal Management Program (CMP) which covers the coastline from Nobby's Headland to Glenrock Lagoon. This Coastal Management Program is a long-term program of actions which can help us adapt to both immediate and future changes on our coast.

In the meantime, we are undertaking emergency repair works to reinstate safe access to these beaches. We have installed temporary stairs at Bar Beach to allow lifeguards direct access from the viewing tower and promenade to the beach, as well as improving access to amenities and upgrades to access for lifesaving vehicles.

Following the busy summer period further works are planned, including improvements to accessways at four points between Bar Beach and Merewether Beach.

The Bar Beach promenade area will also be upgraded including construction of a new disabled access ramp, new stairs, upgrades to seawalls and the installation of new handrails.

Learn more about the coastal hazards that impact our coastline including a series of short videos.

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