Contracts Register

Under the Government Information (Public Access) Act, City of Newcastle are required to keep a government Contracts Register. This register records information about each government contract to which we are a party that has (or is likely to have) a value of $150,000 (including GST) within 45 working days after the contract becomes effective.

The value of a contract is whichever of the following values is appropriate to the kind of contract concerned:
(a) the total estimated value of the project
(b) the total estimated value of the goods or services over the term of the contract
(c) the value of the real property transferred or
(d) the rent for the term of the lease.

The sales and leases Contracts Register is updated in accordance with the Governement Information (Public Access) Act 2009 Section 30.

The tenders Contracts Register is available below.

It should be noted that the Tenders Contracts Register currently includes Class 1 Contracts, under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009. We do not currently have any Class 2 or 3 Contracts.

We note that none of the entities on this register are related body corporate (as defined in the Corporations Act 2001) in respect of the contractor, or any other private sector entity in which the contractor has an interest, that will be involved in carrying out any of the contractor’s obligations under the contract or will receive a benefit under the contract.

All contracts have standard clauses which allow for variations, but require the approval of the City of Newcastle.

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  • 2023
2012/360T Kerbside Recycling
The provision of a fortnightly kerbside collection services for the removal, sorting and marketing of domestic recyclable materials in the City of Newcastle Local Government Area
2013/075T Enterprise Resource Planning Systems & Services
Council is seeking an experienced vendor to provide an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that is functionally aligned to the needs of local government operations.
2016/430T SWMC Organics Processing
Newcastle City Council requires a contractor to receive and process approximately 18,000 tonnes per annum of Garden Organics and approximately 4,000 tonnes per annum of Wood Waste for a period of at least 3 years
2017/283T Supply and Delivery of Multi Function Poles
Supply and delivery of multi-function poles and associated smart city technology
2018/419T Provision of Banking Services
The provision of transactional banking services to Council for a period of up to 6 years.
2018/380T Stockton Beach Holiday Park Management Services
To perform Management & Operational Services at the Stockton Beach Holiday Park (SBHP) for a period of up to five years with the option to extend for a further five years
2018/298T Outdoor Labour Hire
Provision of Outdoor Labour Hire
2018/025Q Beresfield Swim Centre Turnstile Attendant/Cashier Services
The provision of turnstile attendant / cashier services and kiosk operations at Beresfield Swimming Centre for period of up to two swimming seasons.
2019/381T Supply and Service MultiFunction Devices
Supply and installation of a range of low, medium and high-volume Black & White (B&W) and full colour (FC) MFDs. The vendor under the contract will provide ongoing maintenance to all devices from the date of installation.
2019/297T Newcastle City App - Mobile Application Development
mplement native mobile apps. The City App will allow the City to add a digital information layer for Newcastle incorporating real-time data feeds, augmented reality experiences and an up-to-date guide about events and news in Newcastle.
2019/222T Supply of Waste Bin Enclosures
For the supply of waste bin enclosures on a casual, on-demand basis over a period of 5 years. As an option, council may extend the supply period for up to 5 more years
2019/193Q Design Services - University Drive Waratah West Catchment Rehabilitation
Engineering investigation, options assessment. Desogm and documentation for replacement of an unmaintainable drainage culvert & section of cycleway near University Drive in Waratah West
2019/144T SWMC Organics Processing Facility
Construction of a new Organics Processing Facility with 12 months operations management at Summerhill Waste Management Centre.
2019/142Q Information Asset Register & Open Data Portal - Implementation & SaaS
The implementation of a secure Information Asset Register (IAR) system and an Open Data Portal system, the supply of training on these systems and the the ongoing hosting, maintenance, upgrades and support of these systems.
2019/135T Astra Street Remediation Design
A suitably qualified design consultant to deliver the remediation design for the former Astra Street Landfill site including all necessary engineering disciplines from site investigation through to concept design, detailed design, construction and post hand over support.
2019/120T Library Services Management System
The provision of a management system solution which will allow library customers to access and interact with a range of Council library services via their existing library card. This includes making library fine payments, adding credit and the booking of library equipment and facilities.
2019/076T Mini Tanker Fuel Supply
Supply of Mini Tanker Fuel
2019/075T Bulk Fuel Supply
Supply of Bulk Fuels
2020/406T Management of Microsoft Software Licensing
Provision of licensing solutions for Microsoft products and services.
2020/385Q End Point Security Solution & Support
provision of an End Point Security Solution and Support Services, for up to 3 years, as outlined in the Service Specification.
2020/380T East End Construction - Stage 1
The Hunter Street Mall Refurbishment project aim to upgrade and improve the public space within the Hunter Street Mall precinct to encourage community use and connectivity with surrounding elements such as the Foreshore and Refurbished Rail Corridor.
2020/361T City Wide Trenchless Technology Rehabiliation Works 19-20
The provision of asset rehabilitation works to existing underground stormwater conduits using trenchless lining technology at various locations across the Newcastle Local Government Area.
2020/350Q Proof of Concept for ePlanning Software Platform
Anypoint Platform Base SW License Subscription
2020/338Q Provision of Contracts Management Software
Provision of a Contracts Management Solution in accordance with the Service Specification
2020/322T Natural Areas Rehabilitation Services
The provision of bushland rehabilitation services, including revegtation and regeneration works, as well as ongoing tree planing and watering
2020/320T Design & Documentation - Art Gallery Redevelopment
The Scope of the Services to be provided is the architectural design and documentation of the Newcastle Art Gallery
2020/307T Cash In Transit Services
Cash collection and cash delivery services to various sites within the Newcastle area and a parking meter coin collection service..
2020/277T Processing of Recyclables
Collection and processing of recyclable waste
2020/243T Provision of Mobile Phone Services
CN is seeking a business partnership with a Contractor who has a market leading solution, professional expertise and tools to manage its Mobile Service requirements, suppliers and associated equipment.
2020/242T Provision of IT Support Services
Provision of an IT Service Desk and Service Management Services (ITSM)
2020/240T Bathers Way at Shortland Esplanade Construction
Work includes 300 metres of shared pathway, a new skate park (via novation) new amenities, improved pedestrian safety and general streetscape improvements. Documents are available electronically at .
2020/232T Provision of Security Services
Provision of security services including mobile patrols, foot patrols and static guards for various Council properties and recreational areas and provision of 24/7 monitoring of electronic security systems at various facilities for period of up to 4 year
2020/177T Support Services for AV Systems
Provide Support Services for AV Systems
2020/168Q Operation & Maintenance of Summerhill Solar Farm
Maintaining solar panels and surrounding facility at Summerhill Waste Management Centre Solarfarm
2020/165T Parking Infringement Processing Fees
Parking Infringement Processing Fees
2020/130T Civic Theatre Ticketing System
To provide ticketing and CRM software to market and sell tickets to live performances at a range of council venues. Council’s preference is for a cloud hosted SaaS solution.
2020/101T Community Surveys Hosting Services
Provide a Software as a Service (Sas) Solution for a community reference panel of approximately 2,500 participants know as Newcastle Voice for up to 4 years
2020/092T Supply of Electricity - Street Lighting, Large Sites, Generation Purchase
*Portion A: Supply of electricity for Streetlighting and Large Council sites(value is on estimated expenditure) *Portion B: Purchase of generated electricity from Council(value is on estimated income)
2020/059T Intersection of Cowper and Kokera Street Wallsend - Detailed Design
Develop a detailed design for the signalisation of the intersection and augmentation of the Cowper Street Culvert based on earlier concept designs.
2020/036T Traffic Signs & Traffic Equipment Supply
Supply and delivery of Traffic and Safety Signage
2020/004T Aboriculture Technical Services
The service is primarily ad hoc tree inspection, assessment and reporting but may include other arboriculture services.
2020 167T Contract Details Var 5 new end date
The construction of a skate park at South Newcastle Beach. Works include skate bowls, quarter pipes, transitional skate sections and typical skate park street elements.
Contract no. 2021/877T Newcastle Ocean Baths Upgrade - Stage 1
The reconstruction of the baths deck and pool floor, new pump station, new lifeguard kiosk and general facility improvements.
Contract no. 2021/706T Telecommunications Fixed Services
CN requires to consolidate network links to a single vendor if possible, using NSWGov telco providers for CN network sites.
2022/856Q Casual supply of Pavement Deflection Testing Services - Panel Contract
Casual on demand pavement deflection testing, asphalt testing and associated traffic control within the Newcastle City Council LGA
2021/893T Integrated Library Management System
The purpose of this Request for Tender (RFT) is for the provision of an Integrated Library Management System (ILS) to the City of Newcastle for a period of up to 5 years
2021/858T RSPCA Animal Management Services Agreement
This contract is for the provision of animal management services for City of Newcastle’s (CN) impounded and seized animals
2021/856Q Pavement Deflection Testing Services
2021/840Q Webcoda Support and Maintenance Service
The Solution Requirements to be provided are support services for a term of three (3) years for five (5) websites, and one (1) intranet
2021/829Q Application Management System
Application Management Services (AMS)
2021/791Q Qualys Software Services
The Solution Requirements to be provided are the supply, updates and on-going support for a three (3) year period for the Qualys VMDR and Patch Management solution.
2021/786Q Discharge Control - SWMC
The Service Provider shall Setting up Discharge Control Level Measurement system at the Summerhill Waste Management Centre.
2021/746Q Code of Conduct Review Panel
a preliminary assessment and investigation of code of conduct matter(s) in accordance with the Procedures for Administration of the Code of Conduct (the Principal and Office of Local Government model) on a case by case basis.
2021/733Q Structural Engineers Advice and Design Panel
Casual hire of structural engineers to provide professional advice and designs in accordance with the specification with the RFQ
2021/698T Supply Precast Concrete Materials
Casual supply and delivery of pre-cast concrete products including pre-cast reinforced concrete stormwater pipes during the period 1 July 2021 to 30 June 2023.
2021/697T Supply of Sand & Rock Dust
Supply and delivery to various council worksites within the Newcastle local government area of either one or more of the following materials; concreting sand, pipe bedding sand and rock dust
2021/695T Supply of Base and Subbase Materials
Casual supply and delivery of road base and sub base materials to various locations within the Newcastle local government area during the period 1 July 2021 to 30 June 2023
2021/693T Tree Planting and Tree Establishment
Tree planting and tree establishment works on public lands, roads, and footways.
2021/692T Tree Works Services
The provision of tree maintenance works throughout the Newcastle local government area for a period of up to 4 years. Tree maintenance work includes tree pruning, removal, stump & root grinding, tree root investigation and installing root barriers.
2021/596T Network Preparation for PCI Compliance
The Solution Requirements to be provided is to deliver the PCI environment/network setup and ongoing Palo Alto and VeloCloud operations management.
2021/586T Biennial Minor Civil Works and Services
Service provider is required to perform ad-hoc maintenance and construction activities including footpath and driveway reconstruction, kerb and gutter replacement, subsoil drainage and stormwater drainage repairs, and upgrade works
2021/575T Biennial Spray Sealing Services
The supply of bituminous road surfacing services within the Newcastle local government area during the period 1 July 2021 to 30 June 2023.
2021/567T Biennial Supply of Plant & Trucks 2021-2023
The hire of plant and trucks (wet & dry hire) and minor plant & equipment for the period 1 July 2021 to 30 June 2023
2021/558Q Southern Beaches Coastal Processes and Management
Southern Beaches Coastal Processes and Management
2021/541T Citywide Biennial CCTV Conditional Assessment & Maintenance Contract
The CCTV inspection, reporting & cleaning of underground stormwater conduits during the period of 1 July 2021 to 30 June 2023
2021/517T Inhouse Design Services Panel
he provision of civil design and Computer-Aided Design (CAD) drafting services on a casual hire basis
2021/497T Environmental Monitoring Network Expansion - Capital Works
Construct a monitoring well network for groundwater and subsurface landfill gas. The project requires specialised drilling to be conducted, procurement and application of consumables for the construction of monitoring wells
2021/468T Stockton Emergency Response - Standing Offer 2021
Standing offer arrangement with Soil Conservation Services for a period of 24 months to fast track delivery of emergency response projects
2021/439T Waste Dispoal at Summerhill Waste Management Centre
The customer is to deliver waste to the SWMC for disposal at the SWMC and NCC has agreed to receive the waste in accordance with the terms of agreement
2021/438T Waste Disposal at Summerhill Waste Management Centre
The customer is to deliver waste to the SWMC for disposal at the SWMC and NCC has agreed to receive the waste in accordance with the terms of agreement
2021/418T Waste Audit Program
The service to be provided is waste composition audits
2021/412T Ecological Advice - Various Disciplines - Standing Offer Arrangement
The Services comprise the Consultant (when requested by the City of Newcastle CN) performing services and or providing advice in relation to the management of CN's natural asset portfolio (terrestrial, estuarine and marine ecosystems).
2021/408Q Technology One Professional Services
The Solution Requirements to be provided is general and ad hoc consulting services (only), to be provided on an as-needed basis, as described in the Consulting Confirmation Form for each separate project or engagement
2021/402T Ironbark Creek Construction Stage 5B
Construction of instream works to rehabilitate and stabilise a degraded 350m length of Ironbark Creek, downstream from Croudace Road, Elermore Vale.
2021/365Q Hunter River South Arm Sand Source Feasibility Study (Grant)
A feasibility study to undertake an investigation to determine if sand from the south arm of the Hunter River would meet the CN sand guidelines and be suitable for mass sand nourishment at Stockton Beach.
2021/340T Desktop-as-a-service (DaaS)
Suitably qualified vendors to manage City of Newcastle’s IT services including current desktop, notebook and tablet fleet as a managed desktop service arrangement and any other services as set out in the Service Specification
2021/339T Hosting and Networking Solutions
Provide a managed services solution across the CN. Hosting and network environment under the terms of the Agreement.
2021/338T Annual Fire Certification Assessments
Annual Fire Certification Assessments
2021/337T Fire protection, inspection testing and repair
Fire Protection Equipment Inspection Testing and Repairing across City of Newcastle sites
2021/328Q Strategy & Architecture Advisory Services
CN/IT requires advisory services from a global leading research and advisory organisations to enable the delivery of leading edge technology solutions as required by the Community Services Plan 2030
2021/293T SWMC - Provision of Environmental Services
To deliver a range of environmental consultancy services at the SWMC in order to comply the environmental monitoring and reporting requirements set out NSW EPA and the conditions within the Environmental Protection Licence (EPL).
2021/271T Construction QA and Environmental Consultant Works
CQA to undertake independent QA monitoring throughout the construction phase of the project and to ensure principal contractor compliance with technical specification. Environmental Consultant to act on behalf of CN in ensuring project compliance with relevant management plans, including the Contaminated Materials Management Plan (CMMP) and Asbestos Management Plan (AMP).
2021/266T University Drive Waratah West
Construction of a new footbridge with approach cycleway, associated Boatman Creek civil works, including formation of creek alignment, excavation of embankment, stabilisation of earthworks. Construction of retaining walls & construction of service support
2021/221T Geotechnical Investigation and Design Panel
Geotechnical investigation and design services for works within the Newcastle Local Government Area
2021/168T Post Billpay
Australia Post Products
2021/161T Cenrallised ePayment Platform
To supply a supply an ePayments solution as outlined in the service specification. The Council requires the new ePayment platform to be utilised by the entire Council, its respective departments and community
2021/141T Design & Construction Services for Newcastle Beach Ocean Baths
The engagement of a Principal Design Consultant to undertaken full design and documentation services for the renewal of the Stage 1 of the Newcastle Ocean Baths Upgrade project, including pools, lower concourse and pumps.
2021/130T Occupational Physician Services
The provision of occupational health physician services to council and its employees for a period of up to three years.
2021/129T Newcastle Regional Art Gallery Replacement Box Gutters to Roof
The WUC to be provided is to upgrade the existing roof box gutter system to a welded stainless-steel system at the Newcastle Regional Art Gallery.
2021/092Q Orchardtown Road, New Lambton Local Centre - Detailed Design
Uban design consultant to provide principal design services for resolution of a detailed design for Orchardtown Road, New Lambton Local Centre (Blackbutt Village) renewal
2021/078T Call Centre Management Service
Call Centre Management solution and enterprise wide VOIP solution.
2021/071Q Throsby, Styx and Cottage Creek Flood Study
Throsby, Styx and Cottage Creek Flood Study
2021/037T Organics Processing Facility - Design Peer Review
Peer Review engagement to assist the Principal to review and validate the deign development of a key project within the waste portfolio of CN.The engagement will also provide a level of independent verification of works completed throughout the construction phase
2021/024T Customer Service Management Platform
Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) Customer Service Management Platform (CSM) to be implemented, managed and supported by the selected supplier
2021/018Q Supply of Natural Gas to Council Sites
Supply of Natural Gas to Council Sites
2021/004Q Astra Street Remediation - Gas and Water Evnrionmental Monitoring
The Service to be provided is gas & water environmental monitoring in accordance with specification 2021/044Q and its annexures
2021/001T Event Management Services
Creative development, planning, event management and operational delivery of City of Newcastle’s New Year's Eve 2021 celebrations and Australia Day 2022 program of events.

Contract no. 2022/063T Esri Enterprise License Agreement
Esri Enterprise License Agreement
2022/103T Bridge Repair - Yangan Drive, Beresfield
The provision of services for Yangan Drive Bridge repair including ground anchors, post tensioning and concrete repair work.
2022/102Q Alder Park Long Jump Pit
Undertake works associated with the relocation of the long jump pits at Alder Park for the Adamstown/New Lambton Athletics Club (ANLAC)
2022/095T East End Remaining Stages - Principal Design Consultant
Redevelop Hunter Street and surrounding streets including new footpaths, cycleways, kerbs, gutter, roads, gardens beds and the upgrade services including water, stormwater, comms and street lighting
2022/090T Lambton Pool Westerslide Replacement
Replacement of water slide components at the Lambton Swim Center
2022/073Q Okta Licensing and Implementation Services
The Solution Requirements to be provided include delivery and implementation of OKTA Identity Management subscription and Professional Services to support the Buyers identity management services used in Newcastle LGA and beyond.
2022/072T - Biennial CC&M Road Pavement Crack Sealing Services
The casual supply of bituminous road surface crack sealing and concrete slab joint sealing or rehabilitation services within the Newcastle local government area during the contract period 14 March 2022 to 13 March 2024
2022/069T Alder Park Storage Facility - Southern Section
Construction of the Southern section of the planned Storage Facility. Demolition of the existing athletic long jump pit and removal of trees
2022/068Q No 2 Sportsground Canteen and Accessible Toilet Upgrades
No 2 Sportsground Canteen and Accessible Toilet Upgrades
2022/066T Stockton King Street Breakwater Protection Structure
Stockton King Street Breakwater Protection Structure
2022/057Q Audio Visual Works and Ancillary Services
The Solution Requirements to be provided include implementation of User Experience Design thinking to implement changes for configuring Creston equipment and associated AV infrastructure in the Buyers main site at 12 Stewart Avenue
2022/052T Newcastle Netball Court Resurfacing
CN was requested to Project Manage Newcastle Netball Court Resurfacing. The Service Provider shall undertake the works as detailed in the specification as provided by Newcastle Netball Association.
2022/039Q Atheletics Grandstand National Park
Provide the works as detailed in the specification
2022/038T Customer Service Training
The provision of customer service training for all City of Newcastle employees. The goal of the training is to ensure staff feel confident to engage with customers and to embed a consistent approach to customer experience across the organisation.
2022/033T Allowah Street - Retaining Wall
Construction of new retaining wall at Allowah Street, Waratah.
2022/030Q Countrytell 100 GBPS Service
Countrytell 100 GBPS Service
2022/023T Mitchell Street, Stockton - Queen St & Crown St Intersections
Civil works at Mitchell Street, Stockton including kerb, gutter, gardens, feature walls and footpath
2022/011T CAMMs Enterprise License
Camms has offered CN an enterprise license instead of licenses for each individual module with the inclusion of CAMMs incident and CAMMs connect with unlimited user access and support from CAMMs college. Current modules are limited by Users
2022/009T Insitu Stabilisation Pavement Remediation; Enterprise Drive Beresfield.
To provide Insitu Stabilisation Pavement Remediation; Enterprise Drive Beresfield.
2022/008T Library Books, Resource Material and Furniture
Library Books, Resource Material and Furniture
2022/006T Event Management Services - New Years Eve 2022
The Service to be provided is creative development, planning, event management and operational delivery of the New Year's Eve event.
2022/004T Provision of Telecommunication Expense Management Solution
Provision of Telecommunication Expense Management Solution
2022/002T Internal Audit (Outsourced) Services Panel
Perform internal audits coordinated and managed by the Audit Coordinator on a broad range of Council services in accordance with Council’s approved Forward Internal Audit Plan.
2022/001T Biennial CC&M Heavy Patching
The provision of AC Heavy Patching services in the City of Newcastle Local Government Area for the period 1 September 2021 to 1 September 2023
2022//037T Construction of New Stomwater and Watermain Buchanan St, Merewether
Works includes supply and installation of stormwater pipes and pits; supply and installation of new watermain.