Stockton Coastal Management

Stockton Coastal Management Program 2020 - 2021

Page last updated on 8 December 2020

Stockton Beach is precious to its community and to those who visit Stockton. To help protect and preserve the area, City of Newcastle (CN) has developed a Coastal Management Program (CMP) for Stockton in partnership with the local community including key stakeholders such as the Stockton Community Liaison Group.

Stockton CMP 2021

Following completion of the Stockton CMP 2020 earlier this year, we started work on the Stockton CMP 2021. In consultation with stakeholders, this will update the Stockton CMP 2020 to include the coastline north of Meredith Street to the Port Stephens Local Government Area (LGA) boundary.

Key actions will complement mass sand nourishment and will be assessed in terms of their economic and technical feasibility to obtain agreement on a suitable strategy from all affected northern landholders. The actions in the Stockton CMP 2020 will not change and will be incorporated into the Stockton CMP 2021.

Stockton CMP 2021 Who Manages What Map

Stockton CMP 2020

The Stockton CMP 2020 includes long-term actions to ensure we can help to manage, maintain and protect the coast, between the northern breakwater of the Hunter River and Meredith Street. The Stockton CMP was developed in accordance with the Coastal Management Act 2016 (CM Act) and Coastal Management Manual.

We worked closely with the Stockton Community Liaison Group, government agencies, coastal experts and members of our community to develop an achievable strategy that worked to maintain Stockton’s sense of identity.

To learn more about the development of the CMP take a look at our storyboard and for the most recent updates regarding works at Stockton Beach visit our Stockton Beach Works Update page.

Stockton CMP

View the Stockton Coastal Management Program August 2020 (PDF)

Stockton Bight Sand Movement Study

The Stockton Bight Sand Movement Study 2020 has been prepared to provide an understanding of the rates and directions of sand movement.

This information will be used in the development of the Stockton CMP 2021 to inform the assessment of each coastal management option in terms of its impact on the behaviour of the coastline. It will allow us and affected landholders to make evidenced based decisions on the best option for the area to the north of Meredith Street.

The Study confirmed that while there is a pattern of erosion moving marine sand north from Stockton Beach into the Stockton dunes, the erosion rate is increased by the reduction in sand passing the Hunter River. This decrease in sand supply is demonstrated by the deepening of the area offshore of Stockton beach and the continued erosion of the southern end of the beach. This results in the net northerly loss of sand that is a key management consideration of the Stockton CMP.

Deputy Premier's Stockton Beach Taskforce

The Stockton Beach Taskforce, chaired by the Deputy Premier, was established to drive the implementation of the sustainable long-term solutions to the coastal erosion issues for Stockton Beach. Its focus is on sand sourcing options, actions to mitigate loss of amenity and seeking funding.

Members include Lord Mayor Nuatali Nelmes, Member for Newcastle Tim Crakanthorp MP, and representatives from the Worimi Aboriginal Land Council, Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE), Department of Regional NSW, Port of Newcastle, NSW Coastal Council, Stockton Community Liaison Group and City of Newcastle, as well as two community representatives.

Find the minutes from previous meetings below:

Historical Reference Material

Stakeholder and Community Engagement

The City has engaged a wide range of stakeholders, including the Stockton Community Liaison Group (SCLG), to develop the Stockton CMP.

Stockton Beach Works Updates

More information and latest updates on the response and management of erosion at Stockton Beach.