Community Recycling Stations

Community Recycling Stations

City of Newcastle has installed Community Recycling Stations where you can recycle small household quantities of the following wastes: 

  • Fluorescent light globes (no tubes)
  • Household batteries (no car batteries)
  • Mobile phones, batteries, chargers and accessories
  • Printer ink cartridges
  • Reading glasses
  • X-rays.
The Community Recycling Stations are located at:

This free service is provided by City of Newcastle and the NSW EPA. Only domestic quantities are permitted and items other than those listed above will not be accepted.

Mini Community Recycling Stations

Mini recycling stations for household batteries, reading glasses and X-rays only are located at:

Can I use a Community Recycling Station if I'm not a City of Newcastle resident?

No, this service is for City of Newcastle residents only.

I'm from a school/small business, can I use the Community Recycling Stations?

No, they are for residential purposes only. Please visit to find out how to recycle business problem wastes.

What do you class as 'small household quantities'?

The Community Recycling Stations are essentially small cabinets that are designed to cater for limited amounts of each waste type. Please use your discretion when bringing in items. As a guide, this could include a handful of household batteries, 30 x-rays, and five light globes, mobile phones, reading glasses or ink cartridges per visit.

Larger quantities of batteries, X-rays and fluorescent light globes can be taken to the Summerhill Community Recycling Centre.

What happens to the items I drop off?
  • Fluorescent light globes - mercury is separated and sold for a range of industrial uses. The glass and metals remaining from the process are also recycled
  • Household batteries - lead, acid and plastic are recovered and recycled
  • Mobile phones - recycled through MobileMuster, preventing hazardous materials from entering the environment
  • Reading glasses - sent to third world countries through the Lions Recycle for Sight program
  • Printer ink cartridges - recycled through Close the Loop® in Melbourne. The cartridges are sent back to the manufacturer for reuse in new cartridges
  • X-rays - processed in a refinery to extract the silver. The silver is then reused for silver solder, jewellery, electrical components and film manufacture.

Are there other locations I can take my wastes?

Please click on the links below for alternative disposal options for the following problem wastes: